Lal Din Akmal

Catholic Priest


Lesley Boocock

Chairwoman - Foundation Pagan Federation International


Bishop Johann Ignaz Domas-Conzemius

Diocèse orthodoxe Belgique & Luxembourg du Patriarcat Orthodoxe des Nations


Willy Fautre

President – Human Rights Without Frontiers International


Jorge Fernández


Federation of the Evangelical Religious Entities of Spain

Saleem Najam



Hans Noot

Director – The Gerard Noot Foundation


Bashy Quraichy

Secretary General – EMISCO


Kennith Roy

President - International Christian Council for Belgium


Rabbi Michael Shevack

President - The Alliance for Enlightened Judaism


Bachittar Singh Ughrha

President - Center for Defence of Human Rights


José Raúl Vaquero Pulido

President – Fundación Ciencias de la Documentación