They signed the pledge:


Farooq Aftab

International Human Rights Committee

Lal Din Akmal

Catholic Priest - Belgium

Tareq Alamri

Co-founder of the Charter for Compassion - Yemen

Taleb Al-Harithi

Founder - Palestinian Peace Society - Palestine, Israel

Betsy Bennett Mathieson

Deputy Chairman, King Hamad Global Centre for Peaceful Coexistence

Chairman, “THIS IS BAHRAIN" - Bahrain

Lesley Boocock

Chairwoman - Foundation Pagan Federation International - Netherlands


Bishop Johann Ignaz Domas-Conzemius

Diocèse orthodoxe Belgique & Luxembourg du Patriarcat Orthodoxe des Nations - Belgium


Gelal Faik

General Secretary of the Grand Mufti of Bulgaria

Willy Fautre

President – Human Rights Without Frontiers International - Belgium


Jorge Fernández

FEREDE - Federation of the Evangelical Religious Entities of Spain - Spain

Rabbi Richard Gamboa

General Secretary of the Interreligious Council of Colombia and rabbi of Manhíg de Shéguel - Colombia

H.E. Elie Gharios

President - Royal House Ghassan - Lebanon

Nathan Gill MEP - UK

Nino Goguadze

Member of the Parliament of Georgia - Georgia

Member of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE

Chairperson at PACE : Sub-Committee on Culture, Diversity and Heritage

Father Petar Gramatikov

Vice-President of BRIDGES “Eastern European Forum for Dialogue” - Cooperation Circle of United Religions Initiatives (URI Europe) - Bulgaria

Daniel Hannan MEP - UK


Journalist - Israel

Lejla Hasandedic-Dapo

URI (United Religions Initiative) Europe CC Liaison Officer - Belgium

Pastor Robert Hostetter

President of the Board of Directors of the University Faculty of Protestant Theology of Brussels

Massimo Introvigne

Director CESNUR - Italy

Bernd Kolmel MEP - Germany

Roel Kreijns

Staff Coordinator - Peacefully Connected

David Kritsun

President - United for Human Right Israel - Israel

Nordin Maloujahmoum

Former President - Muslim Executive Council of Belgium - Belgium

Joyce Mansour

Managing Director - The Royal House of Ghassan - Lebanon

Jamil Maqsood

Director for Brussels & Eastern Europe - International Human Rights Council

Richard Martin

Bishop of Rochester's - Adviser for inter-faith concerns - UK

Rev Dr. Arlene Mazak

Interfaith Minister, Sri Aurobindo Society - India

Anwar Mehmood-Ur-Rehman

Secretary - Ahmadiyya Switzerland - Switzerland

Clause Moraes MEP - UK

Saleem Najam

Pastor - Belgium

Johan Nissinen

MEP candidate - Sweden

Mário Nicolini

Executive Director - Forum of the World's Religions - Slovakia

Hans Noot

Director – The Gerard Noot Foundation - Netherlands

Anne-Valerie Nouind

President - Peacefully connected - Belgium

Sirpa Pietikäinen MEP - Finland

Paul Pearson

Editor - Greenmantle magazine - UK

Bashy Quraichy

Secretary General – EMISCO - Denmark


Kennith Roy

President - International Christian Council for Belgium - Belgium

Neva Sadikoglu-Novaky

Secretary General ACRE Women's Movement - UK

Secretary General of the European Conservatives and Reformists (ECR) Group in the Committee of the Regions

Archbishop Thomas Schirrmacher

President - International Society for Human Rights - Germany

Associate Secretary General for Theological Concerns - World Evangelical Alliance

Rabbi Michael Shevack

President - The Alliance for Enlightened Judaism - USA


Bachittar Singh Ughrha

President - Center for Defence of Human Rights - Switzerland

Igor Šoltes MEP - Slovenia

Rosita Soryte

President of ORLIR - Lithuania

Thierry Valle

President - CAPLC - France

José Raúl Vaquero Pulido

President – Fundación Ciencias de la Documentación - Spain

Enric Vendrell

Former Director of Religious Affairs of the Catalan government - Spain

Martin Weigthman

Director of the All Faith Network - UK


Frans de Wolff

Secretary of the Dutch Network for The Parliament of the World's Religions / Member of Programm Commission of Citypastoraat Domkerk Utrecht (member of the Protestant Church in The Netherlands (PKN)) - Netherlands

Mrs Valerie Wood-Gaiger MBE

Founder - Learning with Grandma - UK

Jan Zahradil MEP - Czech Republic